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Gifted with the ability of an artist, musician and songwriter, William Staggers evokes the days of “Real Music.” This passionate musician is a native of Little Rock, Arkansas.


William began playing piano at age 5 and by the time he was 12, he got his first job playing the piano for his church choir. By the time William entered junior high school, he joined the school’s band where he learned to play saxophone.

Though William’s first love is the piano, he is also an exceptional saxophonist today. William’s velvety smooth voice and playing abilities have enabled him to perform for many distinguished audiences. William has had the distinctive honor of performing with: Al Green, Isaac Hayes, Evelyn Turrentine-Agee, Rick James, Ali-Ollie Woodson, Albert King and Larry “Totsy” Davis just to name a few.


On several occasions. Despite his many accomplishments in music entertainment, William remains devoted to composing music with his own creative efforts and as a service for other artists as well. One of William’s greatest joys is helping young aspiring musicians and vocalists develop to their full potential.


William’s catalog of music has a smooth jazz influence, but he enjoys and draws from an array of musical genres. His passion for music leads him to many avenues of musical expression; including covers of classic hits.

Though William has performed with several well-known artists and for auspicious audiences, he truly enjoys smaller, personal events just as much.

 “It’s a great feeling to know your musical performance will forever be positively associated with a special time in someone else’s life such as a wedding, family reunion,

anniversary or even an old-fashioned backyard bar-b-que.”

Under his Staggers Music Entertainment brand, William also owns and operates a recording studio, Innovative Music Studio, where he specializes in instrumental soundtracks, movie scores and audio mastering. Utilizing the latest technology in digital mixing and mastering, William uses his decades of musical experience to craft the audio that makes performances magical. He is equally adept at providing the backdrop for theatrical and cinematic productions, and he enjoys the unique challenge that each new project brings.


The third oldest of five children, William credits his parents with providing a stable household and plenty of love for him to nurture his gift. William is passionate about paying that fortune forward to help out other artists, and to give audiences the kind of musical experience that they will remember and talk about for years.

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